How to become a member

What does a membership with RDAF offer you?

  • Join a forum of experts from major stakeholders in the field of rare diseases in Switzerland, including the industry, healthcare organizations, physicians and foundations for research
  • Benefit from opportunity to play an active role in the RDAF multi-stakeholder meetings
  • Attend meetings to exchange experiences with guest speakers and invited experts from other stakeholders for free
  • Take advantage of an exclusive platform to explore new and pragmatic ways of improving access to treatment and patient care


How to become a member?

To apply for membership and/or receive the membership package, please contact:


Shayesteh F├╝rst-Ladani - President

Tel: +41 61 361 9443



Rare Disease Action Forum

c/o SFL Regulatory Affairs & Scientific Communication GmbH

Aeschenvorstadt 52, CH-4051 Basel, Schweiz