About the forum

The purpose of RDAF is to serve as a platform to exchange ideas and define actions to raise awareness of rare diseases and to improve access to treatment and patient care in Switzerland.


RDAF brings together experts from various stakeholders in the field of rare diseases.

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Latest News

News - 26 February 2021

World Rare Disease Day on 28 February 2021

This year’s world Rare Disease Day takes place on 28 February 2021. To mark the occasion, thousands of events are being organized across the world with the common objectives of raising awareness about rare diseases and connecting patients, their relatives and all other stakeholders involved in the field of rare diseases.

In Switzerland, the RDAF gathers stakeholders from the industry, patient organizations, healthcare professionals and research organizations to raise awareness about rare diseases, foster dialogue and define common solutions for action.

To this end, the RDAF leads and moderates multi-stakeholder events and conducts a wide range of activities to foster development and access to treatment in Switzerland, which is key to improving the lives of patients with rare diseases. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to receive information about our upcoming events.

Read more about the RDAF’s contribution to raising awareness about rare diseases and improving access to diagnosis, treatment and care in Switzerland.


News - 10 December 2020

RDAF submits statement to the public consultation on cost-containment measures in the healthcare sector


The Rare Disease Action Forum shared with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health its statement on the public consultation on the revision of the Federal Health Insurance Act concerning package 2 of the cost containment measures.


The RDAF highlighted measures that could potentially affect patients with rare diseases and stressed that any implementation would need to take into consideration the specificities of rare diseases and their therapies. It is important to take account of indirect costs of a disease for those affected and their families, and that access to therapies can be achieved as quickly as possible.

Click here to open the RDAF statement.