About the forum

The purpose of RDAF is to serve as a platform to exchange ideas and define actions to raise awareness of rare diseases and to improve access to treatment and patient care in Switzerland.


RDAF brings together experts from various stakeholders in the field of rare diseases.

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Latest News

RDAF webinar on rare diseases in Switzerland – report published

News - 19 April 2021

The Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF) published the report about its webinar “Access to diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in Switzerland – Current status, challenges and initiatives”, which took place on 25 March 2021. The report gives an overview of the presentations held by experts in the field of rare diseases. In a multi-stakeholder approach, the webinar provided complementary perspectives presented by healthcare professionals and representatives from patient organizations and the industry. The speakers highlighted the challenges faced by patients with rare diseases, detailed the regulatory pathways for the orphan drug designation and shared their insights on access to treatment for rare diseases in Switzerland. The panel discussion focused on topics such as the institutional set-up of the RDAF, its current initiatives to improve access to treatment for rare diseases and potential solutions to improve the reimbursement regime for orphan drugs, which are not on the specialties list.

VectivBio joins the Rare Disease Action Forum

News - 12 April 2021

We are proud to welcome VectivBio as the newest member of the Rare Disease Action Forum. Reinforcing RDAF’s multi-stakeholder approach, they will be joining our other members including industry, patient organizations, healthcare professionals, and research organizations. We look forward to their contribution to the collaborative efforts at the RDAF multi-stakeholder platform. Together we will continue our efforts to improve access to diagnosis, treatment and care for patients with rare diseases in Switzerland.